Kalimba Home restaurant and catering service was started by Marta Uuntunpi in Rundu. She is a small business woman providing employment to 12 workers, most of them women. Definitely the perfect example of what can an entrepreneur do with a good and simple idea.

Marta smiles

The restaurant serves both traditional food from the Kavango Region and also Western food. They are open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the customers are locals, so there is an emphasis on traditional food of the Kavango region. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is very welcoming. They are more than happy to receive tourists.

We recommend you to try the fish, taken directly from the Okavango river, a real delicacy. The way of eating the fish is using your own hands, not with fork and knife, so if you want to follow the local way you’ll need to wash your hands first in the washbasin, assisted by a member of the staff.

Marta also has a parallel business of catering services. The serve mainly in events such as Government meetings, weddings, parties … There is a boom in Rundu in the number of companies offering catering services. This is due to the strategic importance of the city, which receives many travellers of all kinds, from tourists to Angolan business travellers.

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Contact: Marta Uuntunpi

Tel: +264 81 247 3686
How to get there:Once in Rundu, follow map above.